Choosing A Quality Refrigerator For The Home

When choosing a refrigerator, everyone wants it to live a long life, not break down, work silently, and at the same time have a low cost. In addition, it is important that the purchased unit matches the interior in color, which is efficient and comfortable to use. If you manage to choose a model that satisfies these requirements, then you approached the issue of analyzing parameters and the best models really well.

Main parameters

To get started, briefly consider the most important criteria for choosing a refrigerator for the home. So, the first thing you should decide before buying is:

Dimensions of equipment.

There are one-, two-, three-, four-, five- and even six-chamber models. As a rule, each manufacturer has their own sizes of products, however, all of them are close to standards and can differ by no more than 1.9-3.9 inches. To choose the right size of a refrigerator, you need to decide where it will be installed, measure this place with a tape measure and, on the basis of the measurements obtained, select the appropriate option for height, width, and depth. Two-chamber units are considered the most popular. They are followed by Side-by-Side, single-chamber, and then multi-chamber.

The location of the cameras.

Everyone is accustomed to the freezer being at the bottom, however, there are models with the top location of the freezer. We also advise you to consider the ratio of the chambers, sometimes the freezer is almost the same as the refrigerator. This is very convenient for those who want to pick up a device with a large freezer.


To choose the volume of a refrigerator you need to know one simple thing – for two people a 180-liter device will be enough. For a family of 3 people you can buy a 250-liter model, and if you have a large family (5-6 people), opt for a volume of 350 liters or more. Do not forget about the dimensions, the volume of the camera directly affects the dimensions of the fridge.

Type of defrosting and freezing.

Freezing can be thermoelectric (silent), absorption (noisier) and working with the help of compressors (the highest noise level). Defrosting, in turn, can be manual (unplug the appliance, wait until the cameras defrost, then wash the walls and wipe them dry), drip (moisture drains into the tray along the back wall) and No Frost – automatic defrosting. More often than not, all customers find it difficult to decide which refrigerator is best for their home – with drip defrosting or a No Frost. If you do not often defrost the device, we recommend choosing a more modern and reliable No Frost system. The drip system belongs to the economy class, therefore, the equipment will cost less.

Climatic class.

The choice depends on the operating conditions of the unit, as well as the temperature in the region of your living.

N – operation at a temperature of +16 ° C to +32 ° C. Suitable for most apartments and houses.

SN – operation at a temperature of +10 ° C to +32 ° C. If the refrigerator will stand in a poorly heated room, such as in the basement or on the veranda.

ST – operation at a temperature of +18 ° C to +38 ° C. Suitable for regions where it is very hot.

T – operation at a temperature of +18 ° C to +43 ° C. For those who live in a very, very hot climate, or if the refrigerator will stand in a small room in direct sunlight.

Energy class.

If you want to choose an energy-efficient refrigerator, pay attention to its energy class. The lowest class (most efficient) is A +++. Further are units with higher power consumption (A ++, A +, A, B, etc.).

Functions and options.

You must understand that the more versatile the refrigerator you want to choose, the correspondingly more you will have to pay. We recommend investing in a model that, in addition to standard functions (for example, temperature settings), has an open door indicator, super-freeze, ice maker, long-term storage of products, quick cooling and freezing of products, antibacterial protection, etc.

Type of compressor.

It is better to choose a refrigerator with an inverter compressor, as it is more efficient, quiet and durable. The only thing is that the inverter is afraid of voltage surges, so you will additionally need to protect the equipment by installing a voltage stabilizer in the house.

The number of compressors.

Inexpensive refrigerators have one compressor, better models have 2 compressors, which is better because they are cheaper in terms of repair, more economical and also allow you to turn off one chamber (for washing or something else), while the second one will still work.


Electromechanical control is more reliable and cheaper. The electronic control allows you to more accurately adjust the temperature regime, so it is better in terms of the ease of using the equipment. Most modern models are equipped with electronic controls.

Noise level.

One of the most important parameters. In this regard, our recommendation is to opt for equipment with a noise level below 40 dB. With this indicator, the device will work in a quiet mode.

What else to look for?

So, in order to choose a really good unit, we recommend that you consider the following nuances:

  1. Shelves must be glass. Transparent glass allows you to quickly find the right products in the refrigerator.
  2. Seals around the door perimeter should be elastic, fit well when closed. Before choosing the option you like, make sure there is no damage, otherwise, you will encounter a problem of the refrigerator constantly working and not turning off.
  3. It should not smell like cheap plastic. An unpleasant odor indicates a low quality of plastic, and, accordingly, the dubious reliability of the manufacturer.
  4. Handles recessed in the door help save a little space. This is especially good if you have a small kitchen.
  5. Many models have the option of re-hanging the doors to the other side. It is very convenient, especially when moving houses.
  6. Make sure that the legs are on castors (there must be at least 2). This design option will make it easier to transport equipment from place to place, simply by tilting it.
  7. Built-in models are well suited if you do not want to “ruin” the interior of the kitchen.
  8. There are many color schemes for refrigerators. You can always choose the appropriate design to match the kitchen. In addition, there are designer models that will become the highlight of the interior.

Top manufacturers:

  • Samsung
  • Liebherr
  • Indesit
  • LG
  • Bosch
  • Beko
  • Sharp
  • Hotpoint-ariston
  • Gorenje